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VPP Invite To Program does not work on iPads

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Recently we noticed that the Invite To Program command or the Invitation URL does not render properly in iPads. The links should redirect to App Store where the user will be shown Terms and Conditions to accept and join the VPP Program for the organization.
Instead, these links open in Safari and remain there un-rendered. Refer the below image:

This has been raised by several of our customers recently. We have noticed this issue in both iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.3.2 version iPads. In iPhones, there are no issues at all.

Have you guys noticed any such behavior lately? Are there any workarounds?



VPP invite gives "Your session has time out. Try again" when accepting the agreement

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I'm getting the below error when accepting the agreement to VPP invite. Can anyone suggest how to proceed with this ?

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