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Forbidden Apps

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There are a number of apps out there, and new ones popping up all the time, that students are downloading for one reason or another. Mostly VPN apps to try and bypass our web filters. GBA4iOS is a little more innocuous, but does make the user change the time on their iPads to a date in the past.

We are blocking the install of Configuration Profiles which helps with VPNs. I also lock and disable features on the iPad if it is seen in inventory. It installs a Web Clip they click on that brings them to a page and explains why their iPad is disabled and how to get rid of it.

A new app I found yesterday is vShare. This is an app that allows you to pirate other apps, wants you to change the time on your iPad to a time in the past and installs a Provisioning Profile called "Anyone".

I would like to create this and start a list of apps that students use to bypass rules. A wiki of things that are Forbidden or otherwise screw up your configs. If this has already been done in another post please let me know, but I did not find anything. Here is my list so far:

Anyone - Provisioning profile

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