Automated Batch Apple ID Creator

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I'm new to this Batch Apple ID Creator and i'm trying to get a handle on how applescript works. I have a process that can automatically create the csv with new accounts that need to be created. I would like to automate the process of calling the batch apple id creator and have it use that csv file. Is there a way I can call the application and pass the csv file to it without having to manually select the file?


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We have around 1400 iPads. We are configuring profile manager and so far have 10 classrooms setup. The iPads are DEP enabled iPads and we use VPP to install apps. We use a classroom level itunes account and have that id setup in Profile Manager to silently push apps. It worked perfect for the first 10 classrooms. We are now on class room 11 and the apps are prompting for username/passwords when we try to push apps(not all apps just some). And sometimes they all install without prompting. I just resetup one that was prompting and now it installed without prompting.

Apple says it is because we have more than 15 devices using the same id(we have 24 per classroom). My only problem is why did it work with the first 240 iPads? How do you have your classrooms setup? Do any of you have the issue?

Rescue e-mail Address

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Progressing nicely and plan to put together directions once I'm done. Another question...

What are people doing for the field Rescue e-mail address? I don't THINK you can use the same one for all of the accounts you create. Or am I wrong?

Are you entering an address for that? Or leaving it blank?


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