Deploying Packages to macOS with MDM

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Though this community centers on iOS management, I thought it worthwhile to share a recent writeup from our blog. It's on deploying PKG files to macOS computers using an MDM. Traditionally, this has been accomplished only with third party management software installed on the local computer.

Article: Distribute macOS PKGs via MDM

Apple is slowly nudging macOS management practices towards those of iOS MDM management. It seems that MDM is the future for macOS which is a good thing for those from a traditional iOS MDM background.

Adding Existing iOS and macOS Devices to your DEP Account

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We regularly receive questions from our customers asking if it's possible to add the Apple devices they already own to their DEP account. We had a chance to speak with Apple Business Services recently to understand the specific situations where this is possible and want to share it with anyone who it might be of use to:


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