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Single App Mode meet your best friend, iOS 11.2beta3

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If you are using Single App Mode in the enterprise, you are going to want to test 11.2b3. For iOS admins it is a pain to update an app while it's launched, locked and running. Well, now (and if you use an OTA MDM) this just got SOOOO much easier.

You can now update the application while it's in Guided Access/Single App Mode, without having to drop the profile, update and relaunch. Sa-weet. Again, with an MDM ... it's as simple as just updating the application. Some MDM's will auto update for you. Hands-free **sigh** "I'm in heaven".

PS ... if you are wi-fi only shops, you should be using ASAM (vs. SAM) which this seems to work for as well.

reliable update of Single App Mode application

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We have an application that runs in "kiosk" mode: unattended, under MDM, and in Single App Mode.

To update the application with a newer version, we are forced to:

  1. 1, remove single app mode from mdm
  2. 2. exit the application (we have a way of doing that remotely)
  3. 3. use mdm to push a new version of the app
  4. 4. reapply the SAM profile from MDM

as a result the newly updated app starts up.

However, at times an IOS update is pending and when the SAM profile is removed, a dialog pops up asking whether to update the IOS version. This then backgrounds the application making it impossible to exit in step 2, and continue the process until someone manually intevenes.

Has anyone found a way to do this without falling afoul of this scenario?
Some have suggested blocking the updates with a proxy server. Anyone tried this? Does the proxy server have to be installed continuously or just when SAM mode is turned off?


How Single App Lock and Autonomous App Mode Work

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We've received a number of questions about what Single App Lock is and what features it comes along with. We put together an informative guide to answer these questions. I appreciate your feedback on it!

iOS Update behavior when in Single-App mode?

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Does anyone have experience with the behavior on a Supervised device that is locked in Single-app mode and has an iOS update available? I need to specifically know if the update prompt comes to the foreground. If anyone has a device laying around that's on <7.0.3 and could test I'll owe you big time!



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