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Use MDM Lost Mode (no Apple ID required)

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iOS 9.3 supports a feature called Managed Lost Mode. This allows you to put a supervised device in lost mode via MDM without the need for an Apple ID. Also supported is location tracking while the device is in lost mode. This is a boon for companies trying to eliminate their dependency on individual Apple IDs.

Here's a writeup with more information about managed lost mode:


How Single App Lock and Autonomous App Mode Work

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We've received a number of questions about what Single App Lock is and what features it comes along with. We put together an informative guide to answer these questions. I appreciate your feedback on it!

How to silently update enterprise app on supervised devices without VPP?

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We have a couple dozen iPads installed as kiosks at various locations, remotely managed via Meraki. We've used Apple Configuration to put the devices in supervised mode, however, we did setup a shared Apple ID that all the devices were logged into upon setup, and we also set passcodes on the device.

Our kiosk app is an enterprise app, and I'm pushing from Meraki by creating a managed app linking to our manifest.plist file.

However, as we push out updates, we're getting inconsistent behavior. What I'd like is to have the app silently update without any user intervention, which does sometimes happen. But sometimes it requires the user to accept the update. I don't believe we've been asked to re-enter the password, but I'm not sure, as I have to wait for the user reports to trickle in from the various locations.

Again, we're not using VPP, which is what all the silent update sources I can find seem to assume. Just a standard enterprise distribution app.

Would love any suggestions!

Why doesn't Supervision stop an iPad from connecting to another Mac?

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Based on research and experience I thought once an iPad was Supervised it could not be connected to another computer. If done it would say something like "this device is supervised by another computer".

That said there is also the check box in "Prepare" when setting up Supervision to allow it sync to other computers. My understanding on this is that that is only for images and videos and Image Capture will pull that in. That function is working fine .

Now here is the rub, when I connect a Supervised device (and it shows that it is Supervised by....) under General> About it asks me if I'd like to Set up a new iPad or Restore. Again, no "this device is supervised" message. If I Set up as new then it basically syncs the iPad with the non AC hosting machine. I can then transfer files from within apps, add music etc... That is NOT how I understand a Supervised iPad to work.

When I choose restore from back up and apply my personal iPad back up, sure enough I can do that to.

What am I missing, or what has changed. Supervised besides being a dynamic app deployment and profile creation tool should as I said earlier also prevent someone from doing what I stated I did. My last test will be to uncheck that box in "Prepare" tab but curious if anyone has any thoughts on this?


OS X Maverick and Configurator

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Hi All (First Post),

i'm switfly moving in to the world of MDM management for iPads at our school. i have processed and deployed over 200 iPads to year 9 students, all Supervised by our Mac Mini.

Now that OS X Maverick is out we want to keep our system up to date and grab a chance of getting iWork Apps for free.

I am aware that each iPad holds a Certificate for the supervised profile and identifies it self with the Apple configurator.

My question: if i upgrade to OS X Mav. will this list of supervised iPads be lost? and if so would the certificates on each iPad hold enough matching information to continue the iPad/Configurator (hardware/software) relationship?

Many Thanks


iOS Update behavior when in Single-App mode?

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Does anyone have experience with the behavior on a Supervised device that is locked in Single-app mode and has an iOS update available? I need to specifically know if the update prompt comes to the foreground. If anyone has a device laying around that's on <7.0.3 and could test I'll owe you big time!



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