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Auto Verify Apple Accounts

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I recently had to create 100 apple accounts and since someone created the batch apple ID creator, I figured I'd make an automatic verifier.

There are a few things to note here:

1. Must be run on Windows with .Net 4.0
2. Requires Exchange 2010 - I've posted the source too, so you can modify if needed)
3. Requires that you either know the username/password to the mailbox the apple ID was sent to, or have administrative privileges to log on to that account using your own credentials. Most domain admins do.

MDM invitation accepting

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Thanks to all the people on this forum I've been able to create and verify 500 AppleIDs. I now have the task of enrolling them in our MDM. As I have used + addressing for the AppleIDs all the email invitations go to one mailbox. I've attempted to cannibalise the creation and verification scripts that already exist and can get it click on the link in the email, this opens the Mac App Store and prompts the user to log in. The script fills the email and password out and clicks OK. This is where I get a problem. The App Store then just loads a blank page with the message

Your request produced an error.

but the account seems to be signed in. Has anyone seen this or can shed any light on why it's happening?

Apple ID verification script

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I created a script that uses Mail and Safari to automatically verify Apple IDs.

It 'should' work! I've verified a few hundred AppleIDs. I am using it in the UK, so don't know if there are any localization issues.

Read the instructions first. If you have any issues let me know.

If you find this useful and would like to thank me, you could perhaps get a Copy (dropbox like service) account through my referral link - but you don't have to!

Applescript for verification emails

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I created an AppleScript to automate clicking the verification link and signing in. The script is messy...I just wrote it and used it today and haven't cleaned it up or commented at all.

The workflow I'm using it with is like this:

Use the Apple ID creator script, using the same password for all of the accounts.
Setup an Outlook rule to move verification emails to a folder named "AppleVerify".
Create another folder named "AppleVerifyDone".
Then I run this script.

The script will scan through AppleVerify to grab the verification link and the apple id, opens safari to that link, input the Apple ID, and inputs the password. Then it closes the safari window and moves the email to AppleVerifyDone.

Again, it's really messy and it will probably break for you since I wrote it specifically for my workflow. But I figure it might help someone out.

Rename .txt to .scpt
Edit the idpassword and emaildomain variables

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