MDM Comparison 7.0 Beta

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This page is to develop the next version of our Comparison of MDM Providers. Please add your thoughts below.

Each criteria should have a definition. The definitions could be displayed as tooltips, and/or as endnotes.

Provider Info

  • Product Icon
  • Web Site
  • Phone
  • Supports iOS 7


  • SaaS - Software as a Service. That is, the vendor runs a web app and customers do not need to install any infrastructure.
  • Appliance - The service is available pre-installed on suitable hardware. The hardware will be installed at the customer site.
  • Windows Software
  • Mac Software
  • Unix Software
  • Virtual Machine
  • Reseller Theming - The interface logos and colors may be customized for resale (or for kicks).


  • Recurring License - Is recurring licensing (monthly/annual) available?
  • Perpetual License - Is perpetual licensing available?


  • Optional or Mandatory? - In addition to device licenses, is there a recurring maintenance charge?
  • Includes Minor Updates
  • Includes Major Updates
  • Includes Support - Is support included in the maintenance or is it additional?


  • 12 x 5 - available 5 days, 12 hours?
  • 12 x 7 - available 7 days, 12 hours?
  • 24 x 7 - available 7 days, 24 hours?


  • Location - Software allows multiple "domains" based on locations, and different profiles for each location.
  • Location-Specific Admins - Admins can be assigned or removed from specific locations
  • Role-Based Admins - Administrators have granular permissions, grouped into "roles." such as changing passwords or running reports

Fault Tolerance

  • Standalone Server - no fault tolerance
  • Fail-Over Capability - Multiple servers can act in concert to increase availability.
  • Load Balancing - Multiple servers can be used simultaneously with a single, shared, administration.

Device Enrollment

  • Web Portal - Devices can be enrolled via a web page
  • iOS App - Devices may be enrolled by an on-device app
  • Configurator - Devices can be enrolled via Apple Configurator
  • Device Enrollment Program (iOS 7) - Devices can be enrolled via Apple's Device Enrollment Program (when available)

User Authentication

  • Active Directory - Users may authenticate via Active Directory
  • Open Directory - Users may authenticate via Open Directory (Mac)
  • Other LDAP - Users may authenticate via LDAP with mappable attributes
  • User/Pass Upload - Users may be uploaded to the server in advance

Basic MDM Features

  • Require Passcode - Require devices to use a passcode
  • Device Restrictions - Restrict app purchases, camera use, etc.
  • Exchange Account Seeding - Set up info for an Exchange account
  • WiFi Configuration - The service can seed hidden and/or protected WiFi networks to the device..
  • VPN Info - Set up VPN info
  • Remote Wipe - immediately wipe all data from the device
  • Remote Lock - Immediately lock the device, requiring a passcode to unlock
  • Push Text Message - Send a text message to the device via APNS; requires an app on the device to receive the message

Advanced MDM Features

  • Start On Date
  • End On Date
  • Versioning
  • Rollback
  • Triggered By Inventory
  • Geofencing - Trigger a profile based on location
  • Allow custom XML

Supervised Device Features

  • Prevent Game Center
  • Prevent iMessages
  • App Lock (iOS 6) - Force an app to launch and not quit
  • Global HTTP Proxy (iOS 6)
  • Web Site White & Black-listing
  • Prevent Manual Profile Installation (iOS 6)

App Management

  • Recommended App Catalog - a page of recommended apps
  • Push Enterprise Apps -
  • Push Free Retail Apps
  • Separate Managed and Unmanaged Data (iOS 7)
  • Per-App VPN (iOS 7)
  • Push App Configuration (iOS 7)
  • Pull App Feedback (iOS 7)
  • App Wrapping Available
  • App SDK Available

App VPP Features

  • VPP Spreadsheet Upload - iOS 5 & 6-style VPP code upload and assignment
  • VPP Licensing Integration (iOS 7) - iOS 7-style Volume Purchasing using Apple's API
  • Reassign App License (iOS 7) - Revoke from one user as assign to another

Vendor-provided iOS App(Drunk

  • Exists
  • Apps IDs

Administration Console

  • Web-Based Administration
  • Desktop-Based Administration
  • iOS-Based Administration
  • API or SDK for Administration

Admin Notifications

  • Alert When Roaming
  • Alert When No Response
  • Alert On Forbidden App

Data Export

  • Device Status
  • App Inventory
  • Device History

3rd Party Integration

  • Apple GSX
  • Microsoft BPOS
  • Good
  • Other Helpdesk

Other Devices

  • Android/Samsung
  • Android/HTC
  • Android/Nexus
  • Android/Other
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Desktops
  • Mac Desktops
  • Linux Desktops


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