An Guide with meat around the bone?

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Hello everyone,

Am I right to say that there doesn't seem to be a walkthrough on Youtube, a pdf with screen grabs or a textual step-by-step guide?

I wrong, please let me know where it is.

If right, well, It is difficult for me to ask such a thing knowing AIAD is voluntary work.

When I read that people managed a thousand or 10 thousand accounts, I would love to see their pathways...

But I invested time to discover that:

csv files should be saved UFT-8 (CR, DRLF or LF?)
The IP should be whitelisted. by Apple who might still throttle speed.
Accounts for Apple ID cannot be at gmail, hotmail and such big provider.
That it can work with
There was a 2.0 Beta version, (Now works outside USA, thanks.)
it only ran on 10.7.something, (which one is that?)
It pretty much works on the iTunes of June 2013 (which one is that?)
Pop-up menus should be done at last in a window,
The sidebar in iTunes 11.some.thing should be hidden,
Installing 3rd party apps in System-Preferences / Security and Privacy should be checked.
In System-Preferences / Security and Privacy, Privacy Tab, Accessibility Automator should be checked.


I got where I should select the None button next to the credit cards and AIAD doesn't seem to see it.

Sorry again to ask this to volunteers.



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gmail question

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Does the gmail problem happen with Google Apps for Education accounts or just if the domain is


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