AppleID - i`m still not get it

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Hello folks.
First of all - i`m can`t believe that every iOS user need AppleID in corporate environment. Why? I tell you.
My problem is:
I have 20-30 iPads (iOS 9 and 10) and i need support them remotely (we have branches in 20 cities).

If i just give those devices to user and he (or she) will use personal AppleID, then when user will leave company we can face a problem with Activation Lock.

If i use corporate AppleID, then i need to tell password to user, because when iOS update or just reboot, AppStore will ask for that. And we still can face the Activation Lock (in sabotage scenario from fired user) or some .. ransom-fraud?.. if stupid user let for someone to know password.

I just need sometimes push our apps (from public AppStore) to this devices and see its location.
Ok, i have one OS X and i can setup a simple MDM with Profile Manager. Is it absolutely necessary to use AppleID on those iPads?
Can you to advice me something?

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MDM and supervision

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There is a simple enough solution to your problem with activation locks. When a device is in the supervised mode it will allow the MDM to "bypass activation lock".
The MDM will be able to store a bypass code which can be later use to bypass the activation lock.
For more information on MDM and activation lock please refer this support document


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