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What are the default headers for the CSV file? Having read the documentation I can see that email address, unique password and security questions and answers are needed but how many q&a's are necessary? Would it be possible to attached a default CSV example file?

Thanks for your help

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Three questions and answers are necessary per account, and unfortunately the questions are ones that Apple supplies. You can see them for yourself by walking through the new account process manually.

I didn't store these questions in AIDAB because they have already changed several times and shall likely continue to do so. In addition, the questions differ when using an iTunes store in other countries. In the future I plan on adding a tool to AIDAB that will pull all the text from a pop-up button and spit it out in a CSV, so the choices are a little easier to copy-and-paste into your final user spreadsheet, but for now you just have to manually write the questions into your CSV, below the header you specify for each security question.

The default headers are actually stored in AIDAB. When you start constructing a new process and select to use the defaults, they are pulled from an internal list and presented any time you choose to reference the CSV file, like so:

When asked where you would like to pull headers from:

Pick Header Source

When adding an action to your process:

Choose action source

Selecting a header to tie to the action:

select corresponding header

The text here is just descriptive. You could load your own CSV and make the headers literally anything. All that matters is that when you actually load the final CSV into your constructed process for creating the accounts, the headers you picked need to match up with valid data.

For example, I could build a process and select to reference a custom loaded CSV when filling in the 'first name' field in iTunes. The name of the header could be 'first name', 'first', '123456', or 'pinkie pie'. All that matters is when I load my CSV in the constructed process, below the header of 'first name', 'first', 123456', or 'pinkie pie', I need to actually have my user's first names, because that's the field in iTunes that the constructed process will be filling.

The same goes for security questions. I could have the header for security question 1 as "Question 1", "q1", or "somerandomtextbecauseiwasbored". What matters is in the rows below that header I actually have valid data, like "What was the name of your first pet?" or "What was the first thing you learned to cook?", because those are the actual security questions that the constructed process will be trying to set.

In addition, the "default headers" list is the maximum number of things you could possibly want to reference. You don't have to use all of them. ONLY the items you select from the list will become "required" in the CSV you load for a constructed process. The same goes for a custom CSV -only the headers you select when constructing the process with AIDAB will become required headers in the final constructed process. Once you have constructed a process, you can export the headers it requires by launching the constructed process, selecting "tools and options", and then "view and export required headers".

Here are the required headers for the process I constructed for my organization, as displayed by my constructed process:

Constructed process required headers

and here's what it looks like when exported as a CSV:

csv open in Numbers

I didn't use the default headers in this case, because when I was constructing the process with AIDAB I imported a spreadsheet I had created previously.

Here's the header of a CSV I later loaded into my constructed process:

loaded csv

You'll notice there are extra columns present, because this is a CSV I keep on hand for all manner of systems. You'll also notice that the headers don't match the capitalization of the required headers, but that doesn't matter because the actual match is case insensitive. All that matters is that all the headers the constructed process required were indeed present, and in the columns below each header there was valid user data.

Does that answer your question?


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