OS X Maverick and Configurator

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Hi All (First Post),

i'm switfly moving in to the world of MDM management for iPads at our school. i have processed and deployed over 200 iPads to year 9 students, all Supervised by our Mac Mini.

Now that OS X Maverick is out we want to keep our system up to date and grab a chance of getting iWork Apps for free.

I am aware that each iPad holds a Certificate for the supervised profile and identifies it self with the Apple configurator.

My question: if i upgrade to OS X Mav. will this list of supervised iPads be lost? and if so would the certificates on each iPad hold enough matching information to continue the iPad/Configurator (hardware/software) relationship?

Many Thanks


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Mitch, updating to Mavericks

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Mitch, updating to Mavericks should not affect your ability to manage iPads already supervised by Apple Configurator. If you want to be safe, be sure to have a backup (you can use Time Machine) before running the update. If you don't want to do a full time machine backup, you just need to backup the following folders:


These folders contain all the info you would need to recreate your Configurator instance if things go awry. As far as getting iWorks for free, my understanding is that only applies to newly purchased devices. YMMV

One thing that may affect your ability to manage those iPads however is if students performed an over the air update to iOS 7. There were many reports of iPads losing their supervision certificate during the over the air update. That means that Configurator will recognize them but you will be unable to perform any management tasks such as installing apps or updates.That has supposedly been fixed with the release of iOS 7.0.3. The choices you have at that point are to either reprovision (wipe and resupervise) them or contact Apple and have them generate a "resupervision profile" which will allow the iPad to be recognized by Configurator again. Apple will provide you with instructions on how to get the iPads resupervised. I realize that is outside the scope of your question but I just want to make you aware of it in case it comes up.


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