OS X Server Profile Manager as lightweight MDM?

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I am looking into some cost effective ways of providing MDM functionality over the air (Profile push, lock, wipe etc) and wondered if OS X Server Profile manager would work as apparently it can provide some sort of OTA management? Has anyone had any hands on experience with this as an MDM software, and are there any real gotchas?

Previously I have used configurator to supervise device with base restrictions, and then used MDM software to manage fleets, so have plenty of experience with that.

The cost and support for a full MDM platform would be tough to justify at this point in time, but it would be good to get a level of management on the fleet of roughly 100 users. They are mostly office based with a handful of remote workers, which is why the OTA piece is important.


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We use profile manager to

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We use profile manager to manage our fleet of iOS devices (similar #'s to you). For the price I can't really fault it, expect it lacks much in the way of reporting, and support is pretty lacking. It seems to me that Apple use it as a testbed for new MDM features they are baking into iOS.

Most of the effort in setting up is getting a code signing certificate (if you choose to sign the profiles, which you can choose not to), web site certificate (we just used StartSSL.com which was cheap as but the verification process was a little annoying...i.e. phone calls to verify etc.), external DNS, and setting up any edge network devices to allow necessary traffic.


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