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I'm currently in the process of learning about this software and testing it in our environment. I haven't successfully gotten it to work yet, but as of right now, the only reason that is, is because our district is not ready with the 500 e-mail accounts that we need.

As soon as they get that done, and I get a chance to run through the entire process, I'd like to present a set of really step by step directions to this group as somewhat of a payback for all the help I've received.

Because I'm taking screen shots, I'm actually creating these directions on the fly, so I have a start to a draft put together. But it's quite time consuming.


Before I continue, I would like the creator of the software (Eight_Quarter_Bit) to give me the thumbs up to continue with this project. I could see many reasons why you might not want me to do it (a big one being that my technical skills likely aren't as advanced as many others), so I won't be offended if you say no.

Again, this is very "drafty", so don't worry a TON about the content. When I get it finished, I'll pop another link to you for "final approval". I just need feedback on the direction and the idea.

Here is what I have so far...

Google Doc Directions

I know you're busy Eight_Quarter_Bit, so if I haven't heard back in a few weeks and I have the project done, I'll likely just share it until you ask me to bring it down.

Thanks all,

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