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Greetings Admins

I am thinking about using Apple Configurator to deploy some iPads. I was thinking of setting up one iPad how I like it. Then Backing up that one, and restore the backup to multiple iPads. Would the restore also restore the Apps? And any setting associated with that app?

Also how do the updates work on apps installed from configurator?. I know with regular apps, that password of the apple ID that was used to download app needs to be entered before update happens.

Thank you all.

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From what i've seen with supervised devices it will restore apps you have added to Configurator. The backups I have made do restore things like web clips and some settings like background. I have not tried unsupervised devices with restore apps.
I feel as though it would not restore the apps unless they are in Configurator. You would add them in the app settings tab next to settings. A note you will need to the Apple ID that purchase them to be authorized in iTunes on that computer as well.

While I haven't seen it I believe Configurator can update the apps to the newest version you have downloaded from itunes. I feel as though updating the apps on the iPad would require the original Apple ID.


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