iOS 8.3 Change to "Require Password"?

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I was hoping if someone could tell me if there were any changes in 8.3 to the way iOS requires passwords for installing apps. It seems like it's changed, but I may just be going crazy and I'm not sure.

Here's a quick overview of our setup

One itunes (we'll call it account that is granted VPP licences from a "master" VPP account.
All 400 devices are signed in with the account with a restriction to prevent them from changing accounts.
A list of curated, installable apps are presented via the MDM app installed on the device (meraki in this case). We use the MDM to tailor the apps presented per site (site A may want different apps than site B, or have paid for different apps than site B). App installs are supposed to be initiated from the MDM app which then does a silent background install (this works).

The issue being is that I could swear in <8.3, if our users went to the "App Store" icon (instead of our MDM app) and tried to install an app that the had a license for, it would prompt them for a password. We don't divulge the password, as it's really our only means for keeping devices compliant considering that account is shared across all devices. However in 8.3, that password prompt seems to have disappeared. If a user tries to initiate an install from the "App Store" for an app that already shows as "purchased" the install immediately begins, no password required.

If I attempt to set the "require password for all purchases" profile option, the users are prompted for the account password even when attempting a silent push via the MDM app.

Is this behaviour new to 8.3? Seeing as how Meraki doesn't let one specify a baseline and notifications to be sent when out of compliance with said baseline, is my only real option creating individual itunes accounts for every device?



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