iOS 6 configuration profile reference: Configurator and MDM begin dating

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iOS 6, released today, brings several under-the-hood features geared specifically to businesses. And if you use Apple Configurator to lock down your iPads and iPhones with "Supervision," there are even more benefits. Supervision can lock down iOS and restrict much more than traditional MDM, and is a great solutions for schools, kiosks, Point-of-Sale, and other shared-use environments.

The information below comes from the just-updated Configuration Profile Key Reference in Apple's Developer Library. I've also been aided by my employer Tekserve and MDM provider AirWatch, who provided a most helpful iOS 6 press release.

New MDM Features for all iOS 6 Devices

  • disableMailRecentsSyncing -- iOS 6 mail leverages iCloud to synchronize not only your address book, but also the email addresses you recently wrote. In iOS 6, this feature may be disabled for a particular account.
  • allowDiagnosticSubmission -- When false, this prevents the device from automatically submitting diagnostic reports to Apple. Defaults to true.
  • allowPassbookWhileLocked -- If set to false, Passbook notifications will not be shown on the lock screen. This will default to true.
  • allowSharedStream -- If set to false, Shared Photo Stream will be disabled. This will default to true.

New MDM Features for all iOS 6 Devices Supervised by Apple Configurator

  • allowGameCenter -- When false, Game Center is disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. Default is true.
  • allowBookstore -- If set to false, iBookstore will be disabled. This will default to true.
  • allowBookstoreErotica -- If set to false, the user will not be able to download media from the iBookstore that has been tagged as erotica. This will default to true.
  • allowUIConfigurationProfileInstallation -- If set to false, the user is prohibited from installing configuration profiles and certificates interactively. This will default to true.
  • App Lock Payload -- Leverage Guided Access to lock the device into a specific app. The home button is disabled, and the device returns to the specified application automatically upon wake or reboot. Only one app can be locked at any time. When the payload is removed the behavior reverts to normal.
  • Global HTTP Proxy -- This payload allows you to specify global HTTP proxy settings, so all HTTP traffic passes through the proxy.
  • Also an AirWatch video shows the ability to change the background a lock screen images on supervised devices, but we haven't yet been able to confirm that.

Regular readers know that I'm a big fan of Configurator. Far from being a cheap substitute for Mobile Device Management, I've thought about the two as complementary. And it seems with iOS 6 we are glimpsing Apple's big plans for the two.

[Update 3:17 PM] added Global HTTP Proxy.

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I hope to see some of the

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I hope to see some of the other 200 new features.... i really like the global proxy and the ability to disable more stuff...

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The issues with Configurator is that it requires interaction with the device in a tethered fashion. Try managing a global fleet of iOS devices with Configurator. Not to mention it's a client side application without the ability to use it in multiple locations from a central location. It doesn't work in real life for the enterprise. By the way, lock screen and background wallpaper could be updated via Configurator for a while now even on previous iOS versions.

James Fuller | Starbucks

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global proxy

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Is global proxy settings is part of a new configuration profile payload?
If so, should I use iPhoneConfigurationUtility or Configurator? or do I need a MDM?


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Aaron Freimark

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All the keys mentioned here

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All the keys mentioned here are used in an XML file called a Mobile Configuration document, or ".mobileconfig". These same documents are used by IPCU, Apple Configurator, and MDM to adjust settings on iOS devices. If you create a mobileconfig file, you can upload it to iPCU, Apple Configurator, and to (most) MDM services for distribution.

So how do you create these documents? iPCU, Apple Configurator, and MDM all have editors to create mobile configurations. But so far, Apple hasn't yet updated iPCU or Configurator to create the new keys. Only a handful of MDM providers have updated to iOS 6 features too. So you will need to create your own XML file.

I'll see if I can post some examples within the week.

Aaron Freimark, Enterprise iOS founder & GroundControl CEO


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