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Does Profile Manager allow users to self-install an Enterprise app?

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For the past three years the iOS Enterprise app our company wrote has been made available over the air to our client's BYOD iPad roving-salesmen users (only about 40) using the itms download from a website. This was easy (the company set up a password protected page on their website and let those users know the password), and it allowed the user plenty of control - if a new version of the app was made available via the website, the company simply emailed all the users to let them know, and the users decided when to download it. This was especially important since the app is large, and needs to be downloaded when the user is somewhere with a good wifi connection.

Although the itms method still (just about) works for iOS8 devices, it's clear that Apple might drop support at any time, and recommend apps should be distributed via MDM. Therefore I have started looking at Apple Profile Manager on Mac OS X Yosemite Server to see whether we might recommend this to the client. I'm a developer not a sysadmin by trade, and have had no exposure to MDM before,

What I need to be able to do

The only use of MDM will be to allow all users to install our app over the air on any new iOS devices they own, and to install an updated version whenever we release one. The company is not interested in tracking or controlling any other aspect of the devices. So all that I want to do is have the user be able to enrol devices and self-install the app from our MDM server over the air whenever they want.

Profile Manager so far

I am at the stage of just having a look at how Profile Manager works, on a 'test' OSX Server system running locally in our office. I have set up a test user, assigned them to a group, allocated our app to the group, and enrolled an Ipad for the user. So far so good!

But whenever I enrol an iPad or upload an updated version of the app to Profile Manager, the app is pushed automatically to the iPads (with the user presented with a 'Cancel/Install/Update' alert as appropriate. I don't want this to happen; I just want the app available to users - somehow - so they can self-install when they want.

Can I achieve this or a similar effect with Profile Manager? If so, how? If not, what other MDM solution would you recommend?

Thanks for any advice.


What is the best MDM ?

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Hi all,

I work in a medium-size company as IT engineer. We have to manage about 50 Iphones (4, 5 an 6) and we re looking a business solution to control iphones security and push applications and certificates. I need a solution on premise and not in cloud.

We read the comparison of MDM provider but we need advises to choice the good solution.

Which you think is the best for our needs ?



KocharTech offers Mobile device management solution MDM

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KocharTech, Mobile Device Management is a customizable device, application and security management system. It simplifies mobility across multiple device types and multiple operating systems, all managed through a single console.


• Device Management: Rapidly and securely deploys mobile device, tablet, applications with automated policy compliance, configuration and application management

Application Management: Remote deployment and control of applications on devices

• Policy Management: Facilitates IT to retain control with Mobile Policy Management simultaneously maintaining user productivity.

• Security Management: Secure propriety data on devices and wipe out critical corporate data in the event of device lost

• Data Analytics: Centralized track and control of devices, its applications and the data usage pattern of end users.

Right from the Procurement of Devices and Applications, to the Deployment and trouble shooting, Kochartech, covers all your enterprise mobility related needs.

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