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How to configure OS X Server to be accessible from the internet

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Hi all

I really hope someone can help!

I have my own SSL certified website setup to host my profile manager https://server.example.com - this was created as a new A record through my provider.

I also have OS X Server 5.0 installed on my MacBook Pro, the host name is server.example.com and the status states "Reachable at server.example.com, no services available", the public host name is displaying correctly and the external IP shows correctly.

Profile manager correctly states that it is available at server.example.com/profilemanager.

I believe the issue is with the DNS settings, it states "Set your DNS settings to to use this server", as far as I know this IP address should be the external IP not the local IP.

What steps do I need to take to ensure the External IP is shown on the DNS page?

Thanks in advance!


Upgrading iOS devices enmasse...

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All, I have an oddity that hopefully someone has some ideas.

My infrastructure does not support traditional IP structures.
When we set up Apple Server to do Caching it instantly disables and errors out that we are using a public network. Which we are not, we just (as I said) don't use the traditional 10.*.* approach.

We need to upgrade multiple devices in multiple locations and don't / can't tie up the bandwidth needed to do them all over the air.
Here is an example:
One location may have 300 iPads.
iOS 8 is going to come in ~1.7 gb.
You don't have to be a network genius to see that 510gb of data, is going to drop traffic to a crawl!
Especially when other traffic gets the majority of the bandwidth and these device scavenge for what they get.

Has anyone tackled this, if so... please elaborate.
Are there other offerings Casper or SCCM come to mind in my quandry.

Any and all assistance is a boon at this point,

Enterprise Document Management? Alfesco?...

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So I have been working on arhcitecting a concise document management system for a while now that is scaleable and flexible, yet offers that intuitive user experience and can be rolled out to thousands of managed users in our ecosystem.

We are looking at rolling out around 300 pdf documents per month, and the administration must have control of the document flow to ensure the users are using the latest versions. The users must also not be able to log into any additional document stores such as dropbox etc via the app as that will open up routes for unsolicited document flows.

What document solutions have people used and found that work?

We are also using pdf forms for part of this process. So far we have found that PDF Expert 5 works well for connections to an SFTP backend, but we cannot easily lock down the application to stop it connecting to other servwrs such as dropbox etc.

PDF Expert Enterprise has a backend where we can control user accounts and document flows but the prices of these enterprise solutions of £10 a month per user is just too much most of the time. As soon as we add a few thousands users we are talking huge monthly fees!!

We have started looking at alfresco for an open source development. We can put in time to build and develop the backend, and the front end user experience seems good so far, although I am not sure how flexible the user experience would be and how it would fit within a secure environment in terms of CIA (data confidentiality, integrity and availability).

Has anyone done much work with Alresco before?

We have also done work with Vablet which was a pretty good solution for iOS, although the user experience needing improving for user and Admin. The users currently prefer Goodreader for their personal use, but we aren't able to lock this software down in any way (using mobileiron or symantec for MDM). I was most impressed with PDF Expert Enterprise but the monthly costs kill any chance of it being used for our live deployments.

Best regards,


Cannot Complete iPhone Setup

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I came across this issue when I got an iphone returned to me from a terminated employee.

I wanted to reset the iphone back to factory settings. When it came to the Apple ID section in the setup, it did not give me the option to bypass entering the Apple ID, but instead required me to enter an Apple ID and password. I did not have the credentials, and couldn't get past this step. As a result I couldn't finish the setup of the iphone, and now it is just a brick, and unusable.

I want to know if there is an Enterprise solution that I can use so that I can avoid this happening in the future. In other words, I want to keep the employee from creating and setting up the iphone with their Apple ID. Can I lock this step in the setup, or is there another way to keep employees from setting up there own Apple Id on a company owned device.

Thanks for your help with this.

Simple MDM for developers who want to test enterprise features in their iOS 7 apps

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I have just released a new web application called TestMDM, available at http://testmdm.cloudapp.net

It is designed to help enterprise iOS developers test their app's features by providing them with a simple platform that mimics an MDM.

Rather than purchase an MDM or sign up for a trial with one of the large MDM providers, TestMDM can be accessed for short periods of time, allowing developers to test their apps in a cost effective, time-boxed way.

This is the very first version and supports app installation and removal. App Configuration and Profile Installation are next up.

If you're an enterprise developer, I'd love to hear from you as I want to add features that make a difference to enterprise devs.

Anyone interested in giving TestMDM should email me (tomas@coldbear.co.uk) and I can arrange to give you a run through of the features.


Tomas McGuinness

Apple VPP links for more info

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VPP Guide

Updated Volume Purchase Site

Information about Migrating Codes

Volume purchase program assistance:

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