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Apple ID AppleScript for Netherlands

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Hope someone can help and save me a lot of time Smile

We are enrolling 100-200 devices a month. We have to create the Apple ID's one by one. I have tried the Apple ID batch creator last year, but it didn't work with creating Apple ID's outside US. Recently I saw the 2.0 update and tried the script a few times, but every time a get an error. The script opens iTunes and tries to download iBooks, but I get the next error: splitter group 1 of splitter group 1 of window 1 of application process "iTunes" Tried a few scripts, but I am not that technical to understand scripting.

So I hope someone can help me to create an working script to create Apple ID's in batch in the Netherlands iTunes Store. My gratitude will be great Party

Thanks a lot!

Automated Batch Apple ID Creator

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I'm new to this Batch Apple ID Creator and i'm trying to get a handle on how applescript works. I have a process that can automatically create the csv with new accounts that need to be created. I would like to automate the process of calling the batch apple id creator and have it use that csv file. Is there a way I can call the application and pass the csv file to it without having to manually select the file?

Applescript for verification emails

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I created an AppleScript to automate clicking the verification link and signing in. The script is messy...I just wrote it and used it today and haven't cleaned it up or commented at all.

The workflow I'm using it with is like this:

Use the Apple ID creator script, using the same password for all of the accounts.
Setup an Outlook rule to move verification emails to a folder named "AppleVerify".
Create another folder named "AppleVerifyDone".
Then I run this script.

The script will scan through AppleVerify to grab the verification link and the apple id, opens safari to that link, input the Apple ID, and inputs the password. Then it closes the safari window and moves the email to AppleVerifyDone.

Again, it's really messy and it will probably break for you since I wrote it specifically for my workflow. But I figure it might help someone out.

Rename .txt to .scpt
Edit the idpassword and emaildomain variables

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