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MDM and iOS Music

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Hey everyone,

This is my first post here and I signed up for this account solely to ask this question. First, some helpful background info.

I work for several restaurants (all owned by the same company) managing their music. Basically, I create playlists, upload them onto iPods at each restaurant, and update the music regularly (ideally once per month). I hope to add more restaurants in the future, but it's already quite a pain to drive to each location (especially when I'm simply going to take a handful of songs off of a playlist).

So here's my question: Are there any MDM providers that would allow me to manage the music on several iPod touches (assuming they have wifi). I am new to MDMs, but as I look around I haven't seen anyone post this question yet. Thanks in advance for your help!

Open Letter to MDM Companies

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[Editor's note: This letter from a member of our community brings up some interesting points. But as noted in the comments, the MDM providers are simply using the APIs provided by the device manufacturers.]

You all have it wrong. All of your products are good don't get me wrong! You enable us to protect our networks, provide our users with ease of use and ease of setup. You allow us to block or allow anything we feel is harmful (separate opinion about that). The thing you have wrong is wiping the phone after failed attempts at the password!

Why is this wrong?

  • Whoever steals the phone knows this so they just enter random passwords and then have a usable phone to sell. That is until you figure it out or it is reported to you.
  • If the end user forgets a lot of times the phone will wipe and they will continue to use it. Then a couple weeks later they bring you the phone saying that it isn't working right.
  • While the user is using the phone unprotected they install their personal email or just text company information leaving your company at risk.

What the is the "right" way?

  • After 10 (or whatever your specified time would be) wrong password attempts you lock the device with an alternate password that only the administrator knows.
  • Each phone could have a different admin password that auto populates when you register the device.
  • The password is only viewable in the MDM console.
  • The phone can be unlocked with this passcode or through the MDM provided the end user answers the appropriate questions correctly.
  • Also there should be a notification on the MDM and an email sent to the MDM admin. This would allow them to be a bit more proactive and give the admin some visibility to what is happening in their world.

I think this method is more secure for our data and protects the assets we place in the field mischief better. What are your thoughts?

Apple ignores the enterprise! Or not. A chart of new enterprise features by iOS release.

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Apple ignores the enterprise! So says the conventional wisdom. But I thought I'd share this slide with you guys. It was part of a presentation I gave yesterday to some business leaders at an Apple event in New York.

Every year Apple releases a new version of iOS. Every version of iOS includes new features focused on the enterprise. Every new release includes more new features than the year before.

Apple may not market to the enterprise, but they most certainly engineer to the enterprise.

Remote Reboot of OS or APPs?

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I'm wondering if anyone has come across a solution to our problem in any of the MDM software out there. We need to remotely reboot our iPads (NOT wipe). Basically, after a few days of our app running non stop on the devices, they need a refresh. If a remote reboot isn't possible, is it possible to close out the app and the relaunch it remotely? Currently, we're using Airwatch and there seems to be no function similar to this. If you have a solution, know a different provider with this function, or are looking for the same solution, please share.

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